Thursday, November 12, 2009

Detachable keyfob

It's hard to tell with the St. Louis weather, but the cold really is coming(it's nearly 60F out)

I've been looking for a way to make my key fob easily detachable so that I can lock my keys in the car while it's running in the morning.

I came up with this little abomination on my lunch break. It's not finished, as I don't really like how long it turned out - overall, it adds right around 3 inches between the key fob and keyring. Of course, this is all just a cheap circumvention to remote start anyhow. Maybe I'll come across something cheap that does what I'm looking for. I'm sure there's something out there - I'm just not much of a knickknack shopper.

On the topic of my car, it's getting older, and therefore harder to find parts for. My spoiler mount brake light is on the fritz, and apparently it's been rigged with makeshift wire brackets just to get it this far:

From what I can gather, they don't make this part anymore. I'm debating between another LED project and visiting a salvage yard at this point.

My headlights are another annoyance - when they burn out, I have to replace the entire lens assembly, as the bulb is sealed. I broke the seal and removed the bulb, and from what I can tell, I should be able to use a 9005 or 9006 style bulb as a direct replacement. I don't want to reseal the bulbs - which will allow some moisture to get in, so I may have to drill a couple small vent holes to alleviate this. Waiting for my paycheck to hit the bank, so this adds to my list of delayed projects...

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