Monday, November 30, 2009

Light bar build log - Snag

Well things were going quite smoothly - I found some IR receiver code on the Arduino Forums written by PlastBox, mapped some buttons and had full functionality of the remote control, started hooking some LED's up to test when I ran into a bit of a problem. It turns out, the NEC IR code uses an internal timer on the Arduino for callback functions or something rather, which is very bad, as this disables the use of certain digital pins for PWM. I'm not certain which pins exactly, but none of that matters as I refuse to make the sort of sacrifice. I'm pondering my options currently.

The way I see, I have three options worth considering:
  1. Rewrite the remote control receiver code to not use timer - able to time receiver accurately enough?
  2. Use a PC serial-based IR receiver, arduino connected via USB - Would require additional circuit board, but would open more control options such as a color chooser running on my PC. Lose remote control functionality when PC is off.
  3. Write a software PWM controller for LED's - way less precise control.
Option # 1 would be best since the rest involve the loss of functionality, though I haven't really studied the IR code enough to know how it works. If anyone reading this could suggest something better I'd really appreciate it.

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