Monday, November 23, 2009

Light bar build log

Have been very very busy, finished a good bit of work and hadn't had a chance to update my log.

Finished with soldering until I program my Arduino LED driver software, at which point I'll be switching to an Arduino Pro Mini. Here's the most recent shot I took of the power supply stuff...

I got frustrated with solder trails, and since I had snipped the resistor legs, I decided to try with some small lengths of wire. I've since flipped the heat-sink on the regulator...apparently that's backwards up there ^. I decided to use 4 pin header connectors for connecting the LED's to the resistor board.
The mess of wires was making me nervous, so I have not done too much testing. Additionally, I screwed up the red diode on one light in the process of soldering without a heat-sink. I don't yet have the mounting for the LED's quite figured out, but I already have some new modules, so I don't believe a wall mounted test is too far away.

I ordered an IR receiver module and played around with it a bit. Time to get cracking away at some code.

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