Monday, November 16, 2009

RGB Light bar mod cont.

Parts from Futurlec haven't shown up and now I remember why I hate ordering from anywhere in Asia... Anyhow, I realized I screwed up and bought the transistors in the wrong package(TO-39 instead of TO-92 like I thought), so I went ahead and went up to "the shack"(LOL XD) and grabbed a pack of 15 for fairly cheap - PN 276-1617. Still a bit of soldering work to do, but I got my fair share of solder fumes for a few days. Remember to work in a well ventilated area, like I didn't! All that's left is the series of transistor emitter wires.

I mounted the DC wall plug and wired up some basic quick connects. Two standoff posts are screwed into each-other through the my main board, which is built onto one half of a Dual Mini Board from radioshack, PN 276-148. The board is then mounted with two screws through the front of the light bar.

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