Monday, December 14, 2009

Project list update

Been working on a lot of random stuff the past few weeks but had not posted anything to my blog, so here we go.

Still haven't worked out the kinks on my RGB Lighting project. I'm really not getting the results I want with Software based PWM, at this point, I'm getting ready to ditch the integrated IR receiver I had originally planned, in favor of actually finishing the project. I might be able to use some code posted on Lucas Eckels Blog, called IRMon. Check out his original post here. I haven't had a chance to test it yet, and some calls to delay will need to be changed to non-blocking routines, but there is a slim chance it will work for my purposes.

I've also started working on my 2D side-scroller once more. I'm working on making a Mario clone for right now, but the real purpose of this project is to develop some modular 2D framework. Nothing worth putting in pictures yet, but I will be posting bits of code later which I'm hoping others can make use of.

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  1. Hi saw your post on hackaday about the software PWM issues. I wrote a software PWM that hits the ports directly. Its not as fast as it could be but its a LOT faster than digital write.