Monday, January 18, 2010

Ghetto Serial Loopback

DO NOT TRY THIS. You can mess up your computer trying this. Like it won't work anymore mess up. If you know what you are doing, you should know the precautions to take and as such, I am just going to say DON'T DO IT for the rest of you.

A while back, I needed to test a serial port out at a remote site. Lacking the tools, I improvised a quick solution. I used a paper clip and an ink tube from a pen. I just came across this picture so I'm posting it now. Please note, it is recommended you use a small resistor between the pins.
Basically, I chopped two snippets off the end of the ink tube and used them to couple the pins with the paperclip.

I was curious what other people had tried, here was another interesting solution I came across in my search where a small key ring is used:

Also, light bar hardware is about done minus some cleanup work. Pictures to come when my EyeFi card stops acting up...

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