Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2D Project

I've been busy working on my long term project of making a 2D side-scrolling game. So much in fact that I haven't progressed on any of my other projects, such as my RGB Light bar, which has hung up on the wall since I got it all working.

Up until now, I'd been referring to my game simply as "2D Framework". An inside joke led me to choose the backronym 'Seismic', in jest of a friends project(it doesn't actually stand for anything yet). Originally, I had planned to implement the level editor in-engine, but I finally decided to look towards the open source community for something to modify. I found a pretty basic map editor and got it using my file format after an awkward introduction to C#. I'm aiming to reach Milestone #2 in my project by March 7, 2010, which will include: Player/sprite animation, proper player movement(gravity, tile blocking etc), at least one enemy being spawned, and a level with an end point. I'm just sort of taking what I can get for sprites and textures at the moment. Here's the most recent progress shot: