Saturday, May 15, 2010

Xbox 360 Controller hack cont.

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The mess of tape was a bit of an eye sore so I went ahead and cleaned things up. To start, I got rid of some excess wire and covered the regulator and splices up with white heat-shrink tubing to make it look nice. I decided to use the original back, so I made dummy batteries by putting tape over 2 AA's, which hold the - and + leads in place. A single piece of tape on the back keeps the wires out of the way. New setup should be much more durable.

I should point out that I am using a voltage regulator that is three-tenths of a volt over what two AA cells produce, which seems to be within the threshold of the controller's components. Also know that the controller is still communicating wirelessly, it is simply using USB as a power supply.


  1. The basic guts are probably identical to the real USB variant of the controller, so I'd be willing to guess the voltage regulator can accept upwards of 5.5v safely.

  2. The controller now has over 14 hours of play and hasn't done anything flaky and the voltage regulator stay around room temperature.