Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Xbox 360 Controller hack details

You'll need a voltmeter, soldering iron, and a wire stripping tool
  1. USB Cord - I salvaged mine from an old web cam
  2. 3.0V - 3.3V Voltage Regulator - I'm told the controller may accept 5v+, but I'm unable to confirm.
  3. Thin wire - I used 28 AWG
  4. Heat shrink tubing of various sizes
  5. Electrical tape
  6. 2 dead AA batteries - the inspiration for this hack
The negative(black*) and positive(red*) are soldered to the corresponding leads on the regulator, a ground wire for the controller, and the voltage output. Test the cable and make sure you are getting a good voltage. Cover everything up with heat shrink tubing and leave a few inches of wire for the negative and positive connections.

*Could be different, test with voltmeter.


Trim the end of your wires and wrap a bit into the battery springs. Positive is on the left and negative on the right.


Next, take your AA's. Using a sparing amount of electrical tape, cover the negative side of one battery, and positive on the other. Insert the batteries in the pack so that the taped ends are showing. Insert the battery pack and make sure the wires stay on the terminals. A small piece of tape on the back of the pack will help keep the wires out of the way.


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