Monday, January 3, 2011

DOSBox for Android

While it's still in early stages, the project does show promise.

Seems this project went inactive a while ago :(.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year

Howdy all. Been a while between posts but that's how it goes. Been playing lots of Forza 3 and toying around with my new phone.

I'm working on a calculator which should be useful in Forza and other racing simulators. The main feature I'm proud of is a gear ratio calculator for fine tuning transmissions. You supply some bits of info about the car; tire dimensions, drive type, rpm power range and redline - and the program will calculate gear ratios tuned for optimal power. Project is temporarily on hold due to a dead laptop, should get a chance to recover my files soon.

The new phone is a Samsung Captivate(AT&T) running a custom ROM - Phoenix Reloaded 1.5( NunHugger over on the xda-developers forum made a great custom boot animation. I mixed up the colors for a different look - check out my blue and green versions here. Check out the wallpapers below. Thanks to Drakonite for additional help.